Relationship Coaching
In this coaching practise I help men and women who are struggling with their relationships to  achieve their personal and relationship goals.

I help anyone who is actively seeking a partner and in between relationships. Someone recovering from loss and not ready for a relationship. Someone who wants a partner but is not able to find one and gives up. Someonewho is shy and dont have confidence to approach opposite member of sex. I will coach you step by step at your own pace and help you develop confidence for lifetime.  I promise you faithfully that I can get you from where you are now to where you want to be. That means getting a girlfriend or boyfreiend, getting married, or helping you with any challenges you may be having with your partner. 

Life Coaching

 In Life coaching programme I will help you in improving your relationships, careers, health & fitnessss and day-to-day lives. I will help you clarify your goals, identify the obstacles holding you back, and then come up with strategies for overcoming each obstacle. The coaching programme will support you in your personal growth which will have positive affect in all areas of your life.

1 Hour Phone/Skype Coaching Session

This is for a 1 Hour Phone/Skype (audio only) Coaching Session with Life and Relationship Coach, Tirath Singh. I will help you with any area of your life you need help with. Relationship, Career, Health and Fitness, leadership, starting your own business, goal setting, time management, overcoming limiting beliefs & life challenges, pickup/dating/relationships, etc. Please call us in order to schedule your phone coaching session.