This is a complete coaching programme. In this programme we will work on the following areas of your life – your Job/Business, Significant Other/Romance, Health and Fitness, Fun and Recreation, Family & Friends and Physical environment. This is a complete personality transformation programme and we will start working on your most desired goals, remove any bad addiction and limiting beliefs which holding you back. This is one in lifetime programme which you must do if you are struggling in your personal & professional life, this will get your fundamentals right and you will have a clear path to follow. As a result of this coaching programme your life will change beyond recognition.


Life is all about our relationship to everyone in this world. In this coaching programme you will learn the basic fundamental of pickup/dating and develop sound understanding of relationship which you will need to keep your partner to stay in love with you. You will learn more about your behaviour, what are the things you are doing wrong and what is correct way of dealing with certain situation and find out if the other person is right for you or not. You will also able to identify what is important to you in relationship, what kind of partner is good for you and also improve your existing relationship.

As a result this coaching programme you will feel more comfortable when talking to the people of opposite sex. You will gain confidence in social situation and get rid of any anxiety if you have them. This is a 3 month coaching programme. For fees and other related enquiry please go to contact and send me an email or alternatively give me a phone call to discuss your challenges.


Now days energy is more valued then qualifications or experience. Do you feel tired all the time and have low energy and motivation to get through the working day and in your personal life. If thats true then you are at the right place. This coaching programme is designed to achieve optimum health and vitality. This is a 3 month coaching programme which will give you tremendous boost in energy and set you on a lifestyle which keep you healthy for lifetime. For more detail about the programme please go to contact and send me an email or alternatively give me a phone call to discuss your challenges.


Life coaching programme are designed to transform your life and help you to get total clarity of what you want in life so that you can totally become the person you are capable of and reach your full potential. During the coaching session I will find out if you have any limiting belief or fear of failure which hold you back and help you overcome it so you can live a fearless life. In this coaching programme we will work on any area of your life which is most important to you.
Ongoing coaching enables me to help you along the journey to achieving your goals by holding you accountable and helping you thru the challenges. The life coaching programme will give you a great opportunity to discuss your life challenges in a relaxed atmosphere. The life coaching is very confidential, and your information will never be shared with third party. I take client on a minimum 3-month period because it takes time to implement the new habits. For fees and other related enquiry about the programme simply send me an email or give me a call to discuss your life challenges.


This is a 90-minute phone/skype coaching session with Life & Relationship Coach Tirath Singh. I will help you with any challenge you are having in your current life. Relationship issues, starting your own business/job , health and fitness, overcoming limiting belief & life challenges, goal setting, pickup, dating and relationship etc. This is 1 single phone call and not a continues programme. For more information and booking send me an email or give me a phone call.