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Psychological studies, psychologists and therapists have discovered, relationships that last do so because of the following:

  1. They remain curious about their partner. (There’s always something that causes them to stick around and wonder what will happen next.)

2) They remain proud of and admire their partner.

3) They maintain their personal lives, friendships and interests outside of their relationship, which respects the individually of each partner. They continue being who they were before they met, and share their completeness, instead of trying to complete one another. (You can’t give up who you are. If your individuality does not continue in a relationship, you stop being the interesting person they fell in love with.)

4) They truly rejoice in the success of their partner. (They’re happy and excited for their partner’s accomplishments.)

5) They value quality relationships over quantity of relationships. (This applies to friendships too.)

6) Communication and understanding each other is a priority. Conflicts and disagreements are resolved quickly and not allowed to fester. “When you are upset, I listen.” They don’t leave each other in pain, but instead talk about it and repair their relationship. They don’t make each other wrong, but seek to understand where the other person is coming from and why they feel the way they do. (You have to be able to get along and talk about things.)

7) They value loyalty and commitment.

8) They share similar goals and values.

9) It’s better to be alone than in bad company. Staying in bad relationships shortens lifespan and makes couples less happy than single people.

10) Good relationships keep us happier and healthier.

11) They never threaten ending the relationship when there are problems or conflicts. (They just work it out.)

12) Contempt for the other person is the kiss of death in relationships. Feeling like you are better than them. (This is when you feel like being with them is beneath you, instead of admiring and respecting your partner.)


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